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Sponsored: G-SHOCK Elevates an Icon with the MRGB5000


Sponsored: G-SHOCK Elevates an Icon with the MRGB5000


In an ode to the iconic, original design of the very first Casio G-SHOCK, the famed Japanese maker now unveils the latest addition to its luxuriously minded MR-G series in the new MRGB5000. The new timepiece is the first watch in the MR-G line to feature a design inspired by the first G-SHOCK, the 1983 debuted DW-5000C, and represents a long-awaited elevation of the classic look into the captivating collection.

With a nod to the original DW-5000C, the MRGB5000 brings a brilliant shine and dignified distinction to the shock-resistant watch by employing cutting-edge metals finished with master polishing craftsmanship. The new MR-G features classic sizing in addition to its premium sillehoute, sized on the wrist at 49.4 by 43.2 by 12.9mm, with its composition including both a titanium alloy and COBARION, as compared to the vintage original’s primarily resin construction.

Besides its upgraded materials, the finishing of the MRGB5000 is one of keenest points of elevation. In order to apply sophisticated polished finishes to even the tiniest corners of the complex bezel form, which is made of 25 different components, Casio developed the new Multi-Guard Structure. The new structure incorporates shock-absorbent parts in the multi-component bezel to ensure excellent shock-resistance, while also allowing polished finishes to be applied to each individual component, down to the most challenging spots, for a stunningly beautiful finish. The band of the MRGB5000 employs a special structure, as well, with separate pins embedded in round holes in each metal link, to allow detailed polishing for an equally beautiful finish on the band.

The quality of the master polishing craftsmanship really shows on the cutting-edge, made-in-Japan materials used for the MRGB5000. COBARION, which has a hardness about four times that of pure titanium and a brilliant gleam comparable to platinum, is used for the top surface of the bezel. The band is made with DAT55G, a titanium alloy that is both about three times harder than pure titanium and highly workable, making it scratch-resistant and ensuring a long-lasting, beautiful mirror finish.

Masterfully crafted polishing and meticulously selected materials come together to create a timepiece worthy of that original design, but with the trademark quality of the MR-G line, which stands at the pinnacle of the diverse family of G-SHOCK watches. As with other MR-G watches, the MRGB5000 is crafted on the high-end Premium Production Line at Yamagata Casio, the “mother factory” of Casio watch production.

When it comes to function, the MRGB5000 features radio-controlled calibration and Smartphone Link connectivity. The watch connects with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES smartphone app to automatically adjust to the correct time. It also comes equipped with a solar charging system and high-brightness LED light for added convenience. Like the original DW-5000C, the MRGB5000 continues in its efforts of precise, sporty timekeeping in its form-following-function style, ensuring a watch which is as good looking as it is useful.

The new G-SHOCK MRGB5000 is available in two colorways, with the the dark, DLC-coated MRGB5000B-1 retailing for $4,000 and the non-DLC MRGB5000D-1 marked at $3,500. Both options are available for purchase now at select G-SHOCK retailers, the G-SHOCK Soho Store, and gshock.com.