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The Seiko Prospex is Back in Black with Four New Limited Editions


The Seiko Prospex is Back in Black with Four New Limited Editions


Diving at night is quite the experience. What is, for example, a beautiful, colorful coral reef during the day has quite a different appearance at night. Other creatures come out, which are fascinating in their own right when caught by the beam of your flashlight. For Seiko, this was also the inspiration for The Black Series, a limited edition of four different Prospex watches based on some legendary predecessors.

The first three (references SPB253J1, SPB255J1, and SPB257Ji) are all powered by Seiko’s automatic caliber 6R35, a sophisticated and reliable movement with a power reserve of a rather generous 70-hours. Their black case, dial, and bezel are brightened up by orange accents and feature a generous coating of Lumibrite. That makes these watches so suitable for the activity they were inspired by: night diving.

They are all limited to 5.500 pieces and come on a brown fabric strap. The treads are braided using a Japanese technique called Seichu, making it supple and robust. While one wouldn’t expect it, the brown perfectly complements the design and color scheme of the watches. An additional black silicone strap is provided as well.

The fourth member of this collection (reference SLA061J1) is a slightly different creation. It is a modern re-interpretation of the 1970 mechanical diver’s and comes with a textured dial inspired by the sand patterns of a sea bed. Its typical asymmetrical bracelet is blackened as well, just as the five-link bracelet. Inside we find caliber 8L35, which Seiko’s master watchmakers of the Shizukuishi Watch Studio in northern Japan developed especially for the brand’s range of diving watches. Unlike its siblings, is this Seiko Prospex rarer, as it is limited to 1,000 pieces. All four watches are available worldwide at local Seiko boutiques and selected retailers. Prices start at EUR 1.250,- for the SPB253J1 and SPB255J1, to EUR 1.350,- for the SPB257J1. The price for the SLA061J1 is yet to be announced.

For more information, check out Seiko’s dedicated website for these models, here