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Four Watches That Prove That Less Is More


Four Watches That Prove That Less Is More


It is often thought that simple, clean designs are the easiest to create. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. The cleaner the design of the watch is, the more weight individual details have on the overall look. The trick is to incorporate just the right elements, and not a single one more, and create a synergy between them. This is also a much-needed aspect, as otherwise, your clean design would be boring. The following four watches are good examples that got it just right.

Nomos Orion 33 Duo

Nomos is a brand that takes particular pleasure in getting all the details of their watches just right. The Orion 33 Duo is as straightforward as a mechanical watch can be, with just two hands and a manual wind movement. It gets its character from the slim gold hands and hour markers and the long lugs. The domes sapphire crystal further adds to its personality. The icing on the cake is the fact that you cannot see the beautifully finished in-house caliber Alpha.2 due to the closed caseback. As already mentioned, less is sometimes more.

Grand Seiko SBGY007 Omiwatari

That a more restrained design also often results in a more elegant watch is something Grand Seiko proves with the SBGY007 Omiwatari. The dial is inspired by the frozen water of Lake Suwa, and has an almost delicate texture. Because of the clean look of the case, it becomes a focal point, but one that is best appreciated up close and personal. This highlights another aspect of watches that favor the “less is more” philosophy, they are almost always a private pleasure.

Junghans Max Bill

The Max Bill, created by the legendary Swiss designer of the same name, is a true design icon. This is not a term to be used lightly and comes with its own set of challenges. We are now six decades after it was introduced, and keeping it relevant for the market all that time is quite a feat. Junghans succeeded in this by respecting the work of Bill, yet playing with the details. While the model above has the same 34mm diameter as the original, it is now fitted with an automatic movement, a sapphire crystal, and even a date function.

Chopard L.U.C XP

Chopard gave the traditional dress watch a more contemporary look with the L.U.C XP. The brushed blue dial is not as formal as silver or black, while the red gold hands, numerals, and hour markers offer an enticing contrast. A stainless steel case might come as a surprise, adding a casual touch to which your suit won’t object. The strap made from virgin wool further plays into this, while Chopard underscores its reputation as an Haute Horlogerie brand by having a lining of alligator leather. This creates the perfect understatement, purely for the enjoyment of the owner.

Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box below.