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TAG Heuer's Fourth Generation Connected Watch Is Keen On Proving Its Added Value


TAG Heuer's Fourth Generation Connected Watch Is Keen On Proving Its Added Value


The market of smartwatches is dominated by the products of tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. However, the more traditional watch brands have also cut themselves a slice of the pie. They have created a sub-market of their own, combining the luxurious core values of their brands with the high-tech appeal and great versatility that smartwatch technology offers. Often costing several times over what a general smartwatch costs, they have to deliver an added value.

TAG Heuer was one of the first high-end Swiss brands to launch a smartwatch, back in 2015, and kept at it with the latest generation of the Connected being launched earlier this month. It is already the fourth generation, which each of them becoming more sophisticated. A key element here is bringing that TAG Heuer experience into the digital arena is keeping the DNA strong. As TAG Heuer has always been a very avant-garde brand, it can far more easily use new technology as an extension of their brand than say, Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe. TAG Heuer also makes the most of it, by keeping the design of the Connected in line with its mechanical and quartz siblings.

For the first time, the brand is launching the Connected in two case sizes, 45mm and 42mm. This will most likely further fuel the success of the model, as a smaller size like the 42mm hasn’t been previously available. A key element are, of course, the various functions that the watch has to offer. In that light, it can most certainly keep up with popular products like the Apple Watch, and does so with a generous dash of TAG Heuer style. This is also what sets this watch apart and makes it worth the premium price. The case, strap, and clasp give the same experience as one gets from a mechanical TAG Heuer, while you have the added advantage of customising its looks by changing the dial to match your mood, clothing, or activity. It can even mimic the looks of a mechanical timepiece, down to its skeletonized movement.

One valid question that could be raised is how well of an investment they are. With their additional functions, all based on software that also interacts with other devices, there is quite a bit of dependability. However, as the first generation of the Apple Watch proved but also the TAG Heuer Connected, they can continue to work for an extensive amount of time. While newer models have more and different functions, this doesn’t take away from the charm of the older models. While many people want the latest and greatest, which also influences brands to continue developing them, the older smartwatches have a considerable staying power. This makes investing in a new one, particularly from a high-end brand, all the more attractive.

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