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New: Ressence Type 8 – a entry level novelty

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New: Ressence Type 8 – a entry level novelty


Ressence makes enormously creative watches with their revolutionary Ressence Orbital Convex System to display time and a special two layer approach of the display not driven directly by the movement, but via an liquid filled system with magnets. Their watches are traditionally not inexpensive, but in this latest release, they have brought their technology down to a relatively approachable price. Introducing the Type 8.

Press release information with commentary in italics and insights by Benoît Mintiens, Founder of Ressence.

New: Ressence Type 8 – a entry level novelty

The price for the Ressence Type 8 is set at CHF 12,500 before taxes.

Editorial Commentary

This is an interesting new watch from Ressence. And a special surprise as it re-defines the entry level to the brand’s unique aesthetics and technology. A new Type for Ressence usually means the case is new, though not always true, as the Type 1 is available in a round or square case shape. In the Ressence Type 8, we have a new titanium case measuring 42.9mm in diameter which weighs a mere 42g inclusive of the strap.

The egg shaped case has a sandwich construction, where the the top plate which is curved to serve as the very thin bezel going all the way around to the back to meet the two arc plates which serve as the rear bezel. The 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock of the top plate extends like a skirt and hides the very short lugs which are extensions from the bottom plate, so the watch looks like it does not have lugs. This clamshell like construction makes the case very strong, despite the minimal material it uses. The finishing is also accentuated by the bezel top being in a high polish, and the back in a matte satin finish.

The dial is in a cobalt blue, with printed markers in typical modernist style of Ressence. The same ETA 2892/2 movement is used as the base to drive the new ROCS 8 system, a system invented by Ressence. Graphically a very simple but effective design which though is a regulator, is quite intuitive to use. The baton markers are simple, and very clear. And the hands and markers are coated with blue SuperLuminova. The regulator style display on the Ressence Type 8 comprise of two continuously discs showing only the hours and minutes.

Additional notes on ROCS 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 by Benoît Mintiens

For a comparison of the various ROCS system, we reached out to Benoît Mintiens, Founder and resident genius at Ressence. He shared with us the following. ROCS 1, 3, 5 have a traditional build up using bridges to hold a central axle that holds the gears and discs. These bearings are traditional jewels with a hole in the middle. In the ROCS 2 & 8, all the rotating discs run on bearings while only the large minute disc runs on bearings on the odd numbered ROCS. The advantages of using a ball bearing is that it allows a higher precision in terms in the gap between the discs. In the ROCS 1, 3, 5 this gap is 0.05mm, while on the ROCS 2, 8, the gap is 0.03mm. But one has to pay the price of a hyper precise machining of the parts. Where you have ball-bearings inside other ball-bearings. (the hour hand is inside the hour index, that is inside the Minutes disk, that is inside the minutes index.), the accumulation of tolerances becomes critical. The discs are also flatter resulting in a thinner watch. Also in the Type 2, the discs are hollow, which allow space for the photovoltaic cells and the accelerometer.

Drawing of the ROCS 1, 3, 5 showing how the elements stack up. Sketch is by Benoît Mintiens.

Here is a handy comparison:

  • ROCS 1 is composed of 107 parts and features the following functions: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and Weekdays. ROCS 1 is used on the Ressence Type 1.
  • ROCS 2 is composed of 376 parts and features the following functions: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and eCrown selector. ROCS 2 is used on the Ressence Type 2.
  • ROCS 3 is composed of 215 parts, and features the following functions: Runner (360”), Minute, Hours, Weekdays, Date, and Oil Temperature. ROCS 3 is used on the Ressence Type 3.
  • ROCS 5 on its end is composed of 142 parts, and features the following functions: Runner (90”) Minutes, Hours, and Oil Temperature. ROCS 5 is used on the Ressence Type 5.
  • ROCKS 8 is based on the ROCS 2 and features the following functions: Hours, Minutes. ROCS 8 is used on the Ressence Type 8.
Benoît’s sketch showing the layup of the ROCS 2, 8.

Press release details

The Ressence Type 8 visually and functionally expresses a lean, young, and agile vision of 21st century fine watchmaking. The watch perfectly illustrates the brand’s confident and contemporary approach and is built on its fundamental principles of originality, accessibility, and innovation.

The sixth distinct family of watches from Ressence, the Type 8 has been designed with the same functional relevance that defines all Ressence watches. Clarity, simplicity, and ergonomics are at the core of its design. The watch is the latest expression of Ressence’s mission to modernise fine watchmaking.

The Type 8 has a hyper-modern, sleek case crafted entirely in grade five titanium, which contributes to an extremely light overall weight: with the strap included, the watch weighs just 42 grams. The tapered case has a sandwich-style construction with a two-tone finish, showcasing both polished and satin finishing textures. The case has no apparent lugs; instead the overall effect is of one integrated case volume, out of which the strap appears to grow invisibly.

Graphically simplified to the essence, the watch indicates only the hours and minutes, and with no text or numbers, the domed cobalt blue dial has been reduced to the viable minimum. Simple white baton markers present the time with perfect clarity from any angle thanks to the revolutionary Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS) display, whereby the dial itself comprises rotating discs set into the same plane. The hands and the hour and minute scales are picked out in blue SuperLuminova for low-light legibility.

Price-wise, the Type 8 forms a new entry level for the brand, thereby expanding its core collection to a wider audience. It will be available worldwide from March 30th 2022 via Ressence’s official retailer network.

Ressence Type 8C Technical Specifications

● Hours
● Minutes
● Patented ROCS 8 – Ressence Orbital Convex System – driven by the minute axle of a customised
and reinforced 2892/2 base calibre
● Self-winding
● 36 hours power reserve
● 28,800 vibrations per hour
● 20 gears
● 31 jewels
● 4 ball bearings
● Matt Cobalt Blue grade 5 titanium convex dial (75mm radius) running on a jewel ball bearing with
eccentric satellites rolling on jewel ball-bearings inclined at 9,75° (hours)
● Engraved indications filled with 100% Blue Superluminova grade A
● 42,9mm (diameter) x 11 mm (thickness)
● Polished/satinated Grade 5 titanium
● Sandwich architecture.
● Domed sapphire crystals.
● 1 ATM splash-resistance
● Manual winding over 12° and set-up via case-back ( crownless ). Rotating two directions.
Buckle & Strap
● Polished Ardillon Buckle in grade 5 titanium
● Blue leather strap (20/20mm)
Total Components
● 188
● 42 grams including strap ( 33g ex-strap )


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