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In Hindsight: New Series On WatchTime


In Hindsight: New Series On WatchTime


Our focus is often on the here and now or on the future. Especially when a big event, like Watches & Wonders, is just around the corner, the latest and greatest watches are in the spotlights. They are fresh, they are new, and because of that, they are exciting. While it is very important to highlight these new watches, I have learned that reflection often takes some time. This is also why we are launching a new series on WatchTime called “In hindsight.”

As you might expect from the title, we are not going to discuss brand new watches but highlight models that have been around for a while. They can still be part of a current collection or recently discontinued, but they all share that they deserve a second look. The reason for this can vary. Some watches we might not be that excited about when they initially launched or have been generally overlooked, which is an easy thing to do when, like at Watches & Wonders, there is an avalanche of new models. Others might have been setting trends or became important cornerstones for brands.

Also, opinions change, even for us at WatchTime. Sometimes it can be because we simply have been able to spend more time with a certain model or get a better understanding of them because of their successors. By looking at these watches again, we can come to new conclusions and insights that we think are valuable to share, in particular in times when we are at the threshold when many new models are about to be launched in Geneva.

What watch(es) do you suggest to be featured in this new series of articles? Let us know in the comments, and who knows, we might look at them “in hindsight”.