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Back to the '80s: Doxa Introduces the Sub 600T (With Hands-On Photo Gallery)


Back to the '80s: Doxa Introduces the Sub 600T (With Hands-On Photo Gallery)


Iconic Swiss dive-watch brand Doxa has become well-known in the modern era for its vintage inspired designs. Last month, Doxa introduced the latest update to its catalog in this stylistic vein, the 1980s-inspired Doxa SUB 600T.

Those familiar with Doxa most likely know the brand best for styles derived primarily from the 1960s and ‘70s, most prominent among them being the SUB 300 and its related SUB 300T collections. In recent years, however, Doxa has placed an increased emphasis on reviving some of its lesser known historical references, including last year’s SUB 200, and continues that effort with its latest release, the SUB 600T.

A glance at the new watch reveals a timepiece that bears many familiar modern design elements but also shows lots of unique attitude. Notably, the 40-mm steel case of the SUB 600T features a sharp angular design, with a doubled outer dive bezel and a 4 o’clock crown, all together presenting a particularly retro look. The bezel is available in either steel or ceramic, with the ceramic versions offered at a slight premium.

Underneath the sapphire crystal is a dial that is presented in a plethora of colorways that have become familiar to Doxa fans — orange, silver, black, navy, yellow, and turquoise. Each dial color finds matching accents on the bezel — in addition to a matching color on the watch’s rubber strap, if you choose this option over a steel bracelet.

The dial, like the case, delivers an ‘80s-inspired aesthetic, with pentagonal quarter-hour markers, small circles at each of the other hour positions, and a 3 o’clock date window. Off-center scripts add to its distinctive look, while a lume-accented, highly visible sword-style handset sweep over it all with an accompanying square-accented seconds pointer. Inside the timepiece, the Sellita SW 200-1 beats behind a solid caseback, which helps provide the watch with its namesake 600 meters of water resistance.

Overall, the Doxa Sub 600T embraces its role as a sturdy-wearing, professional-grade timepiece, which in traditional Doxa fashion has just enough robust attitude and energetic color to keep you engaged on land to sea and back again. The new watch begins in pricing at $1,450 on a rubber strap and $1,490 on a steel bracelet when equipped with a steel bezel, and goes up up to $1,550 and $1,590, respectively, with a ceramic bezel.

To learn more, visit Doxa, here. Scroll down for a selection of hands-on photos.